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Welcome to Oakham computers, your new world of IT (Information Technology) we are here to help you conquer the exciting features of your new PC.

We cover all of Rutland and beyond, offering fixed cost set up and learning in the comfort of your own home.

We can help you purchase your new computer, set it up and get you up and running.

We will teach you how to:


We are both pensioners and never used a computer before, thanks to Oakham Computers we can now speak to our grandchildren in Canada.

Tom and Syilvia Bancroft.

I never knew a mouse could work a PC, now I can shop online, surf the internet, email my friends, and connect with the outside world.

Ruth Sullivan

Oakham Computers helped me buy my first PC, set it up and got me up and running, first class with a fantastic tutor, opened a new world for me, highly recommended.

Sue James.

Learn at your own pace with expert tuition, in your own home.
Help via phone and visits after initial set up.

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